History and Profile of E.O.M.


     Ethiopian Outreach Ministry (EOM) was initially established in 1982 with a vision to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Ethiopians who live outside their country. It is estimated that over two million Ethiopians live outside their country, of which about two hundred thousand reside in North America.  Currently, EOM reaches out to Ethiopians in over forty countries including Ethiopia.

     EOM is operated by Ethiopians who are dedicated in the Lord's work among their people. Melese Wogu is the founder and Executive director of the Ministry. Misiker Kebede, Director of Technical & Development Support and his wife Meaza, joined the ministry in September 1992.  Meaza continued serving until their first child was born in 1995.  Misiker served until 2012.  Sossena Maybury has been serving as secretary since January 1999.  Along side these two EOM staff, there are many volunteers who help with their time, talents and skills.
     EOM has reached out to hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians proclaiming the Good News; and to the believers, encouraging and teaching them to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  Thousands of copies of literature, cassettes, books, booklets, and Bible study notes have been distributed among Ethiopians in over forty countries.
     EOM recognizes the key role of believers in highly developed countries like the United States in spreading of the word of God.  The ministry also believes strongly that greater responsibility belongs to nationals in reaching out to their own people.  EOM encourages Ethiopian believers to support EOM to make a difference for Jesus.
         Operational Structure
     Ethiopian Outreach Ministry operates under a legal constitution and is registered in the state of Pennsylvania as a non profit, non political religious organization. 
    • EOM is governed by a board of directors.
    • The ministry has an executive director who works full time.  The executive director is also the person who prepares the Bible studies and literature that are produced.
    • Two other Christian workers assist the Executive director in the whole  operation.
    Where does EOM get its support?
How You Can Help.
     Ethiopian Outreach Ministry is a faith ministry totally depending on God's daily provision.  Individuals, both Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians, and a few churches support the ministry with their finances, talent, and other resources.
  • By praying for the ministry on a regular basis.
  • By sending your financial gifts.
  • By sponsoring various projects individually or through Sunday school classes or through Bible study groups. (Printing of tracts and Bible study materials, underwriting radio programs and shipping  Christian materials to Ethiopia are a few of the projects you may consider.)
  • By representing the ministry at your local church and community to make the work as well as the needs known.
  • By donating your time, talent, skills, and materials (like office supplies, office equipment, etc.) to make the evangelism effort more effective.
    Services of Ethiopian Outreach Ministry
  1. Bible Study booklets
  2. Books - So far twenty-two books are published on topics like "Knowing the Will of God", "Misplaced Emotion", "Marriage, Till Death or Divorce?"
  3. "Mirror of Life" - a bi-monthly Bible study booklet.  This four page topical Bible study is geared to believers who are young in the Lord as well as to those who want to study the Scripture in depth. 
  4. Tracts - One of the most effective and economical tools to reach unbelievers is the tracts produced at EOM.  Nineteen different types of tracts are printed.
  5. News and Updates - A quarterly informational publication written in the English language to inform our English speaking friends and partners in the Lord's work.
  6. CD/Cassettes - Every month, we mail out CDs and tapes to our supporters.  Over 311 messages and teachings on various topics have been prepared in the Amharic language and distributed.
  7. Radio Ministry - Currently we broadcast five days a week from radio transmitters in Germany. The
    radio broadcast is reaching millions of Ethiopians in over 23 countries in the Middle East, part of
    Europe and Africa.
  8. Leadership Development – Organize and conduct seminars and courses to equip believers with the
    knowledge of the scriptures, church leadership and developing discipleship programs
  9. Evangelistic Mission - In addition to producing Christian literature, Dr. Wogu makes evangelistic trips to various cities and countries.
  10. Counseling - Provide Ethiopians with a Christian counseling service via phone, correspondence, and for some at the York office.
  11. Church Planting - EOM supports Ethiopians all over the globe in their effort to start churches and
    fellowship groups.
Mailing Address:

Email eom@eomusa.org

Ethiopian Outreach Ministry
PO Box 7888
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone 011-251-1-156-4268
P.O. Box 2241
York, PA 17405, USA
Phone: (717) 846-2041