Today’s Church and It’s Servants (Ministers)  “Who should lead the church?” is the question that has been asked among Christians not only in Ethiopian churches but in churches around the world. It has brought and still brings many divisions among believers of every denomination. So far, this is a question without a satisfactory answer.
These days, we see various models of church leadership. There are churches that has a business corporation style of leadership where there is a CEO running the whole show. There are other churches that choose Board of Elders as the leaders of their church. In many cases these “Board of Elders” are elected either by the congregation or by a handful of people who consider themselves as leaders. A number of other views and practices are discussed in this book in light of the Word of God.
The primary goal of this book is not to show who should be the “boss” of a church. Rather to provide scriptural guidance as to what the Bible teaches about church leadership to servants of God who surrendered their life to the genuine service of the flock of the Lord, to those who grasped or eager to grasp the true meaning of the church -of Jesus Christ.